Sunday, 25 January 2009

These I made using Flights of Fancy and Walk in Wonderland - I just love these!
Cards I made using the ink on water backgrounds and a cuttlebug background that I sprinkled fairy dust on.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Jacobs ladder

This is the set of cards I made for the Jacobs ladder that is to be auctioned for charity. The auction is being run on the Lotstodo forum.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Shaving Foam

Caz and I tried the shaving foam technique that we got from the Techniques Blog and this is a sample of what we achieved.

Ink in Water on Card

We decided to see if the inks would float on top of water (stupid suggestion by my OH! What would he know!) We filled a bowl with water and gently dripped alcohol ink onto the surface. At first it appeared to sink and dilute itself, however there was a sheen of colour on top. Dying to prove OH wrong we placed a piece of gloss card on the top of the water .........
OMG! He was right.
We carefully dripped more ink on top of the water it appeared that each layer we placed became denser, until eventually when placing card on top the effect became more prominant.
The picture shows the different levels of inks used.

Inks in water on Acetate

And finally we tried putting acetate on the water, which gave a very subtle effect. However we encountered a problem - when dry the ink rubbed off. But a quick wizz over with hairspray solved the problem.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Mum and Cubs

Sorry about the photo - I was getting reflections from the glass no matter where I put it and this is the best out of a bad lot. But you'll get the idea.
I made this picture last year, as a challenge to myself it took me months to complete because of all the leaves. Getting the tigers faces right was a problem but I hope I succeeded.

Barn Owl

This is a picture I have just completed - it just needs framing now.
I made it using the papertole technique, it took approximately 60 hours and 10 pictures to make, but I think its worth the time and effort to do the individual feathers.
I was commissioned to make a picture of a bird, with such a wide scope I'm hoping they will like this.

Stamping in Soot

After setting light to numerous pieces of paper and the kitchen I finally managed to master the technique of stamping in soot. Here I used my favourite rose stamp and was really pleased with the effects. I then mat and layered them onto mirra board ready to use as card toppers. (Forum birthdays in February, there seems to be a few!)

Stamping in Soot

I made these ATC's for the Stamping in Soot swap hosted by Hilda on the Lotstodo forum.

Art Deco Swap

These are the Art Deco Fat pages that I made for the first swap that I have hosted on the Lotstodo forum.