Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Ink in Water on Card

We decided to see if the inks would float on top of water (stupid suggestion by my OH! What would he know!) We filled a bowl with water and gently dripped alcohol ink onto the surface. At first it appeared to sink and dilute itself, however there was a sheen of colour on top. Dying to prove OH wrong we placed a piece of gloss card on the top of the water .........
OMG! He was right.
We carefully dripped more ink on top of the water it appeared that each layer we placed became denser, until eventually when placing card on top the effect became more prominant.
The picture shows the different levels of inks used.


  1. These will make excellent toppers

  2. Well thanks to your hubby we must all try this!

    great results

  3. Great new way to use AI's - TFS and well done Hubby!!!!

  4. very interesting!!!! Must give this a go


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