Wednesday 21 April 2010

Bali here I come! and Candy

Wow - almost over night my followers have passed the 100 mark - now I did say there would be a candy - but you will have to forgive me that it is going to be delayed for a few weeks cause it looks like they gave opened the UK airspace so I will be going to BALI after all. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Only thing is I havent prepared at all so going to be a bit of a mad woman now trying to get organised.

Will sort candy as soon as I am back.

Beccy x


  1. Thank goodness for that, have a great time Beccy.

  2. Have a great holiday Beccy....BALI you lucky ducky....
    Hugs Alison.

  3. Have a beautiful holiday Beccy. Relax...and be merry!
    Alicia xx

  4. SOOOO Jealous! Have a lovely time in Bali while we dodge the showers here hahaha!
    love as always Gina x x x


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