Tuesday 23 June 2009

almost there

I have now attached most of the picci, still have a bit more colouring to do on the birds, to loose the rest of the white bits.
After that it's over to hubby to put the mountboard on. once he has done that I wil add more leaves so they drape over the outside, then hubby if I am really nice to him!!!! Will frame it for me.
(That will mean a homemade meat pie - what were you thinking!)


  1. Wow, you are nearly done. A true work of art, it looks amazing.

    Liza x

  2. Its looking really good now - you can see it all coming together

  3. WOW Beccy it looks so real, thsoe birds just look like they are gonna take off xxxx

  4. Hi Beccy - This is lovely! How long has it taken you to do? And I'm not sure what I was thinking, but it certainly wasnt a meat pie :D

    My first Digi Image is ready. He is at the shop blog, not on my main one!

    Kimmi x


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