Saturday 6 June 2009

Work in progress

For those that may be interested this is a coupe of pics of the Robin I am making
he doesnt look too wonderful at the moment, but it will get better and hopefully end up a complete picture like the ones on my sidebar.
I have shaped and wired him and sarted to layer him up.
So far I have only done his belly and some of his wing, it will take at least another three to four evenings to finish him off as I have to wait for each stage to dry before starting the next. It will take at least 10 prints of the Robin to get all his feathers


  1. TFS Beccy, I'm sure he'll look fab when he's finished

  2. Wow! You are very talented Beccy! I am amazed that you make that out of paper! He looks so life-like!
    Alicia xx

  3. Fabulous,thought it was real at like a lot of work!!! Can't wait to see it all finished!

  4. i agree with Cheryl i totally thoght the robin was real lol
    you got me
    cant wait to see what is happening


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