Thursday 23 July 2009

bit of a swine

Was due to go back to work today, annual leave over boo hoo, but I cant go, yippee, I have been diagnosed as having the dreaded Swine Flu, Uh OH. So as I'm going to be stuck in doors for a while, I can carrying on crafting, Im taking these days as being bonus days to do something I wouldnt normally tackle when I get home in the evenings due to the EXTREME mess I make and I have decided to make another cottage scene, and have a matching set,not sure how far I will get, but hopefully it will stop me thinking about my aching head. Have taken a pic of the original picture and the bits I have started on.


  1. Oh Hun hope the piggy flu leaves you soon, still extra Crafting time is a bonus, accot wait to see the cottage scene. Hope you are feeling better soon sweetie
    Hugs Jacqui x

  2. Oh my goodness! How awful...hope you get better soon! Enjoy being at home - get a little rest in as well...he he he.
    Alicia xx

  3. OMG,look after yourself and your picture is going to look stunning!!!

  4. Hope you get better soon, well not too soon, you need some time off to finish your piece!!!!


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