Friday 3 July 2009

Morning everyone,

Hope you all had a share of that wonderful weather this week. I have been away in Brighton for our annual conference and the weather was perfect, unfortunately no time for lazing on the beach during the day, but plenty of time for partying on the beach at night!

I returned home last night and have taken today off work to recover!!!!!!!!!!!

Need to say a huge thank you to Alison fondly known as Mommabear who has sent me the most gorgeous friend card, it will be dislayed for a long time to come. I will post it later today when my camera has charged up. I also need to thank Sam for the Fat Page which is adorable. I met both Sam and Alison through the Lotstodoforum, where there are some lovely like minded people to chat to if ever you have a spare moment. (Have to confess though that not been chatting for quite a while as still trying to get cards and piccies ready for the show next month). So hello to all the girls there and in the immortal words of Arnie I Will Be Back.

Anyways gonna go and clean the kitchen you would not believe the mess two grown men can make in three days! Or maybe you would if you have got one LOL. Hopefully then I wil have time to do a bit of crafting.

Have a great day everyone

Beccy x


  1. Hiya Beccy, popped over to say hi, and have a great weekend
    en xx

  2. Hiya Beccy, no problem, glad you got it ok, Speak again soon xxxx


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