Monday 20 July 2009

Cottage Scene

Good Morning everyone - I have got a couple of days ofwork this week, yippee, and I thought I would show you what I have been up to this weekend.
My gorgeous hubby decided that he would frame the pictures that I had made on Saturday - I had enough frame for a picture of a barn owl I had made, but didnt have enough for my Robin picci. I still had though one of the first bird piccis I had ever made, whcih to be totally honest just wasnt very good. So said to hubby take that picci out of the frame and I will redo it and use the frame for the Robin picture. Only problem was once he had taken original picture out the robins looked too small in the frame.
So poor old robins are going to have to wait till next week. I then decided that I would make a quick picture to fit in the now empty frame. I only had one picture that fitted, but as it was an Anton Pec, that was not going to be quick. So found a cottage scene and decided to enlarge it.
How simple is that scan - edit and reprint - no problem!!!!!!!!!!!
The pic was A3 to start with so I had to scan in three parts and join together - cept scanner kept playing up it would scan two parts lovely and then scan 3rd part skewiff. After at least an hour of some midly offensive swearing finally got all three bits to match just pressed save and the b****y computer cut out. there was me sat open mouthed in front of a black screen, of course I said oh dear me never mind and rebooted it.
Rescanned picci another what felt like a 100 times - managed to save it and then tried to print out - nope puter decided it really didnt want to play and cut out again. Hubby then came up with the theory that there was something wrong with the mouse and puter was cutting out when you scrolled with it.
So off we went to PC drive you mad World, got a new mouse and keyboard (as ours were linked) went to check out and as per usual only one till open - kindly little soul on the checkout said go to the next till to be served - now I know I didnt have me glasses on but even I can see that there was no one there, when I pointed this out I was very politely told that someone would be back on the till after they had finished their break, cos he was going on his!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK I am now not a happy bunny, but eventually paid for mouse and arrived home - hubby loaded new keyboard and I started to print got a couple of piccis when yep you guessed it puter cut out again - my quick picci has now taken almost five hours and I am still no closer to starting. It was now a matter of I will not let a poxy computer get the better of me.
Hubby then plays around with puter and thinks that after I had paid £60 for new mouse and keyboard that it is the program for my robo craft that is causing puter to play up cause it is permantly running in the background.
He managed to switch it off and puter started to behave, so finally got to sart picci yesterday and this is how it is progressing.
This is papetole with a fair bit of cheating as rather than doing the trees and flowers out of paper I am using a variety of things such as moss and dried flowers.
This is such a fun way of making piccis but OMG do I make a mess or what.
Wow I cant believe I wrote so much - congrats if you got to the end of my ranting, have a great day whatever you are up to.
Beccy xx


  1. messy, my craft room is always a mess I work better that way I was the same at art college, spread over 3 desks. Your creation is worth it, nothing beats something made with love. Glad your pc is working now. janex

  2. Oh dear Beccy, LOL. Well at least its all sorted now and I did manage to get to the end of the post. A worthwhile effort

  3. Computers can be soooo frustrating when they dont want to work. I feel your pain. Your artwork looks AMAZING! I really don't know how you do it! I have an award for you over at my blog.
    Alicia xx

  4. Wowwww Beccy,what beautiful.

    Hugs Riet.x

  5. WOW Beccy it's looking fabulous, glad you got your pc problems sorted!!! xxx


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